Rebuilding Your Life: Crafting a New Normal After Addiction Treatment

If you’re not ready to start attending social gatherings right away, that’s OK. You can start small and begin by meeting with one or two people at a time. Continuing treatment will give you a solid support system and ensure you don’t lose track of all the progress you’ve made.

rebuilding your life after addiction

Exercise has proven to be beneficial to those recovering from addiction. A poll conducted in 2012 revealed that more than 10 percent of all Americans have beaten an addiction to either drugs or alcohol. For those just out of rehab, especially those who don’t have much experience with meditation, a teacher is important. The cost is nominal, and many YouTube videos and some apps can be accessed for free. What can you do to help yourself or someone you love maintain and grow in their recovery when they leave treatment?

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Rather than turn to a substance to feel-good you can boost your dopamine levels naturally. You’ll be much stronger, calmer, and focused by setting a foundation for feeling good. If a person can’t forgive you right away, don’t get angry, but don’t beat yourself up either. Keep persevering, accept the situation and in time they may choose to forgive you.

  • These practices provide a stable foundation for rebuilding your life, offering support and accountability.
  • You may even feel as if you now have control over drug use.
  • Maintaining physical health plays a crucial role in overall well-being and recovery.
  • Most importantly, you should forgive yourself for the past.

You will find many great podcasts on the subject of addiction recovery and other interesting subjects on our network, The Mental Health News Radio Network. If you are just getting started, and you are taking opioids or drinking excessive alcohol, you may be wondering what you can do to get off of the substances safely and comfortably. While opioids, such as heroin and fentanyl, and alcohol are the most dangerous substances to misuse, there is medical treatment for both opioid and alcohol addiction.

How Yoga for Addiction Recovery Works

It will be absolutely necessary for you to practice accountability in order to stay on course. Perhaps, you’ll need to look for an accountability partner or attend group therapy sessions regularly. See, if you suffered from addiction, you struggled with one of the most difficult and complex diseases in the world. Substance abuse is a disease that literally rearranges the brain and creates a dependency that can’t be broken easily.

rebuilding your life after addiction

Try to get at least eight hours of good quality sleep every night, and you’ll be surprised at the difference that it can make. Getting enough rest will help your mood, concentration levels, alertness, immune system, and much more. Team sports like soccer are a fantastic way to meet people who are invested in a healthier lifestyle, or you could just take up jogging, walking, or cycling in nature. Addiction has probably left a bit of a vacuum in your life, and this is the perfect time to find something positive and meaningful to fill it up. Find a new hobby, volunteer at an animal shelter, study or do a course that will help you in your career. Do something that brings you joy and leads you further along the path that you want to follow in the future.

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Nevertheless, data bear out that most people who meet the clinical criteria for an alcohol or other drug use disorder achieve full recovery. In fact, the latest figures from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicate that among those who had an alcohol or drug problem, the remission rate is approximately 75 percent. The addiction treatment rebuilding your life after addiction and recovery process is designed to help you face this harsh reality and work through it, building a fresh start and a healthier and more positive lifestyle. It’s often difficult to stay on track after treatment is over. It’s especially difficult in cases where family members and friends aren’t exactly ready to offer the support you need.

  • Therapists, counselors and addiction specialists can provide guidance and support tailored to your specific needs.
  • Goal setting in recovery can help people figure out the steps they need to take to accomplish long-term recovery.
  • Whether this means seeking professional help, the help of a sponsor, or an old friend, having someone to lean on is crucial to staying sober.
  • It will rehabilitate your body and give you something to do other than think about your addiction and the profound effect it had on your life.
  • The process of recovery and reintegration into society, or simply into a healthier lifestyle, can be challenging yet immensely rewarding.

During the first two months of sobriety, newly implemented activities may become instinctive and familiar, providing a solid foundation for recovery. No doubt, addiction caused some health issues and unhealthy changes in your body. Now that you have moved past substance abuse, it’s time to take your health back into your hands! Getting sober and staying in a rehab is a hard enough process on its own but staying sober and making a fresh start after rehab is perhaps even more difficult. Throughout the rebuilding process of establishing a new life after addiction, it’s important to remember that recovery comes first.

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